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    Time for India to make new inroads

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Japan visit has taken bilateral synergy between the two nations to a new height.

    His cosiness with the Japanese Premier, Shinzo Abe, has brought eye-catching deals — a Japanese assurance of USD 35 billion FDI over the next five years, extending soft loans and collaboration in the defence industry and rare earth exploration – into India’s kitty. Modi’s assurance of a “red carpet” welcome to Japanese investors has made positive sentiments return to foreign investors who were till now wary of coming to India due to its red tape. The time is right for India to capitalise on its investor-friendly image and look towards other nations with a fresh vigour. India’s strong relationship with strategically important countries like Israel, China, Russia, the US and Australia will help it promote its long-term defence, border and economic interests. Our Cover Story explores the ties between India and the five countries. India should make deeper inroads into these nations so that they become a major contributor to its economy through investments. 

    India has many strategic partners in the contemporary world and it is important that the Modi Government should strike a balance in its relations with all the nations. Let us hope that the proactive diplomacy as displayed by Modi will maintain a logical balance between the super powers while countering the overtures of those countries whose relations with India though on an upward swing are still questionable.



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